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“Not a Bath Product, but a Bath Ritual”

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Spiritual Bath Tea by Okántomí is much more than an organic herbal bath product!

The Spiritual Bath Ritual is an Ancient Esoteric Tool in the Arsenal of Self-Care. Spiritual Baths combine the healing properties of water with the medicinal, esoteric, and aroma therapeutic attributes of sacred herbs, plants, and roots. The use of sacred, aromatic herbs and other rare substances for ritual bathing and spiritual cleansing has been employed by mankind since the dawn of our relationship with the Creator.

When prepared by a PRIEST or trained Spiritual Worker, these natural ingredients are transformed into a SACRED RITUAL BATH that is imbued with DIVINE ENERGY.

A properly prepared Sacred Bath has the POWER to BREAK negativity and to ATTRACT BLESSINGS.

The use of freshly dried herbs in Spiritual Baths is a long-established practice throughout the Afro-Atlantic World. The esoteric crafts and spiritual practices of Afro-Diaspora religious traditions often utilize dried herbs, roots, and barks. We utilize these carefully dried elements by steeping them in hot water to draw out their therapeutic and mystical properties for our use.

Each of the Ingredients in Oshún’s Spiritual Bath Tea for Love & Prosperity works in concert with the others to promote Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Healing.

While the ingredients of this Bath Tea are all natural, organically grown or wild crafted, ethically sourced, and rich in skin conditioning properties, this is NOT a mass-produced, commercial product. Spiritual Bath Tea is a complete bath ritual that has been handcrafted, individually curated, and consecrated with prayers, incantations, and chants to activate the divine creative powers (Ashé) of the Orisha (divinities) to manifest the blessings of emotional healing, self-love, prosperity, abundance, and attraction.

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This is a BATH RITUAL, prepared in small batches, by the hands of an ordained and trained Oshún Priestess of the Afro-Cuban Yoruba religion.

Oshún is an ancient river goddess, who is the owner of wealth, beauty, elegance, diplomacy, love, and abundance. She possesses the power to wash characters and to transform destinies from negative to positive. Oshún is a renowned fertility goddess and healer, whose most powerful medicine is cool, sweet water.

This spiritual bath utilizes no less than five of the sacred herbs that are specific to the Orisha Oshún. Each element of this bath works in harmony with the others to activate and amplify Oshún’s ashé (mystical life force) to promote emotional healing, love, and prosperity in the life of the user. This recipe has been used by Oshún worshippers for generations with tremendous efficacy.

Each of the components of Spiritual Bath Tea by Okántomí is 100% natural. All of the herbs are either organically grown or wild crafted, other components are organic and food-grade, and are ethically sourced.