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Bath Tea FAQ

I only have a shower, can I use this product if I do not have a bath tub?
You do not need a bathtub to use this or any spiritual bath.  Historically, spiritual baths have been employed while standing in the tub or shower.  

Can I just put the herbs directly into my bath?
Putting the herbs directly into your bathtub without allowing them to steep first is not advisable.  It is important to allow the dry mixture to steep in boiling water for at least 25 minutes to extract all of the essential oils and elements.  After the mixture has steeped, you may certainly pour the strained or unstrained concoction into your bathtub for a luxurious soak; but please take care not to clog your drain when you finish.

Why don’t you include a muslin “bath tea bag” with these herbs?
I do not recommend using cloth to strain or steep this mixture because the cloth will absorb the essential oils and other precious elements of the bath.  In the future I may offer stainless steel tea infusers for sale here on the website.

Why isn’t my tin filled to the brim with herbs?
The mixture in each tin has been carefully measured to ensure there is enough for FIVE preparations.  

Will I have an allergic reaction to the ingredients?
The ingredients of this bath have been used widely and regularly within the Lukumi Tradition for hundreds of years.  In fact, new initiates bath in and ingest the herbs in this mixture, although this specific preparation is NOT for ingestion.  The herbal components of this bath are classified as anti inflammatory, but it is ALWAYS advisable to employ a skin patch test 24 hours prior to using any new skin or body product.

Are these herbs safe to use if I am pregnant or nursing?
None of the herbs in this bath are reputed to cause harm, but you should check with your physician prior to using if you are pregnant or nursing.  


This tin includes enough tea for five baths, and the ritual should be employed for a cycle of FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS or FIVE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS IN A ROW.

PREPARATION: Bring two quarts of water to a rapid boil
for ten minutes, remove from heat, add three heaping scoops
of tea to the water, and stir gently to mix. Cover the pot, and
allow the tea to steep for at least 25 minutes. Pour the
contents through a strainer, and allow to cool in a basin. 
When cool, feel free to add more honey, a splash of
sparkling wine, or simply use the tea as it is. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Light a golden or white
candle, and proceed with your regular bath or shower
routine. Upon completion, turn off the running shower
water (if you are in the tub STAND UP). Hold the basin
above your head and recite a short heartfelt prayer to
Oshún for the blessings of love, prosperity, and emotional
healing that you are seeking. Pour the tea all over your
Lightly blot your body with a towel, and allow the tea to air
dry on the skin.