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Oshún’s Bath Tea for Love & Prosperity


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Oshún’s Bath Tea for Love & Prosperity

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Oshún’s Bath Tea for Love & Prosperity


Oshun's Spiritual Bath Tea for Love & Prosperity is composed of a proprietary blend of no less than five of the sacred herbs that are specific to the Orisha Oshún. Each element of this bath works in harmony with the others to activate and amplify Oshún’s ashé (mystical life force) to promote emotional healing, love, and prosperity in the life of the user. This recipe has been used by Oshún worshippers for generations with tremendous efficacy. 

This keepsake tin contains Spiritual Bath Tea for FIVE (5) USES, and the ritual should be employed for a cycle of FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS or FIVE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. 

Each of the components of my Spiritual Bath Tea is 100% natural. All of the herbs are either organically grown or wild crafted, other components are organic and food-grade, and are ethically sourced. 

Contains: Abutilon Grandifolium, Pilea Microphylla, Helianthus Annuus, Rosa Damascena, Cinnamomum Cassia, Citrus Reticulata, Dried Organic Honey Powder, Santalum Album

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